Chase and Sky's Litter  
Born 8-6-2012  All are
Male Tri Lots of Gorgeous White 3/4 Collar  Sold
Thanks Cara of Montana
Male Blue Merle One Blue Eye 3/4 Collar Sold
Thanks Jordyn of Montana
Male Blue Merle Full Collar Two Blue eyes  Sold
Thanks Melissa of Wyoming
Male Blue Merle Full Collar Two Blue Eyes Sold
Thanks Emily of Utah
Female Tri One Blue Eye Sold
Thanks Bonnie & Family of Nebraska
Female Tri Lots of Copper and tiny probably
will be toy size.  She loves being in your lap.   
Thanks Julie of Wyoming
SOLD The smallest Black Tri
Female Tons of copper and the
sweetest face you'll ever see
SOLD Black Tri female lots of
copper markings and white, she is
a doll!
SOLD RARE  Red Merle Male
two Green eyes and full white
SOLD Blue Merle Female,
what a cutey!
Blue Merle Female SOLD  She's  a   real
"Velcro Puppy" She's a snuggler.
SOLD  Blue Merle Male, What a
lover he is!  Puppy kisses, Oh Yeah.
Black Tri Male,  SOLD He is
gorgeous and another one who's
happiest when he's with you.