Dear Ginny,

I am writing you regarding our Australian Shepard ( Blue Merle ) that we had purchased from you a year ago for my daughter's birthday.( July 22)  I
want to let you know that she is by far one of the best dogs we have ever had.  We named her " Cali ".

Cali is so much apart of our family.  She goes everywhere we go.  She goes walking, hiking, loves to go sledding with the kids, rafting, swimming
and so much more.  She loves to play frisbee and retrieve the softball when my daughter practices her pitching.
Cali is very obedient.  She shakes your hand, gives you " Hi fives", speaks on command, rolls over, sits and stays.  She is also protective of us,
which makes my family feel safe.  When we take her to the park,  she will point to let us now someone is near.  She will sit and watch to make sure
we are ok.  But bu far, I have to admit my favorite is she howls " I love you" to us every day.

I want you to know that she is well taken care of.  She is up on all shots and spayed. Everywhere we go, people fall in love with her.  To the vet,
from strangers, to family and friends. Even the kids friends come over and ask if they can take Cali for a walk because they all form a special bond
with her.

I wanted to thank you for allowing Cali to be apart of our family and making many memories with us that can never be replaced.  In fact, my
daughter said she truly was the best gift she ever received.  I wanted to thank you for being apart of it.
I have referred many people to your website that have asked questions about her.  I would like to stay in contact with you if you want to keep
updates on her and possibly share some pictures. (  She has such beautiful markings )
Sundi DeRosas
Hi Ginny,
How are you?  Max is doing very well, he is a very smart dog, he
knows how to sit, lay down, roll over, stay. He also knows the
difference between about 5 different toys he has! If you ask him to
get the pig he will come back with the pig!.
I have attached a couple of pictures of him!
Mike & Missie Hoffman
Ali from Montana Wrote
Hi! I bought a puppy from you in January and I absolutely love him!
One of my friends is currently looking for a dog to replace his
aging dog. He is in love with Grizz for his temperament,size, and
Karen from Alaska wrote:
Good morning, he went to the vet, got a fantastic check up and is caught
up on his shots.  She is very impressed with Bandit.  He is doing great,
loves his new big brothers and has adjusted to our family and our home.  
Thanks again for everything, can’t imagine life without him! Yes, please
keep us on your list : ).  It would be for our son and his new wife, we would
want a boy.
Timothy From Woming Wrote:
She is doing great she is such a great dog. She
is the smartest pup too I can't get over it. She
holds her stuffed animals when she sleeps too
(like the photo below) it's the cutest thing!!
Emily from Utah Wrote:
Hey, this is Emily and my family bought our pup, Sam, from you
about 2 and a half years ago. Thought you might like to see how
he and my daughter have grown up together :) we have a little
boy also now who is almost a year and he loves Sam too. We've
loved him tons and someday when we move to a larger house
we'd love to get another mini aussie.
Aaron from California Wrote:
Yes! We just walked in the door and he is running around discovering his new home. He's amazing! Thank you so much
My son wants to name him Lou
A happy family from  Alabama Wrote:
We LOVE Jack!!!!!❤️❤️❤️����
A few Pictures and Testimonies from my puppies Adoptive Families
For those of you that I haven't gotten on yet.  I apologize but I'm working on it.
This is a very special lady Julie, from Washington and the two puppies she adopted from me last year.  These pictures tell the story from
can't deciding which one to chose...Coco's or Sky's then taking them both, and the 1000 mile trip home.
I think she loves them.
She says they are awesome and extremely smart
JASPER (Coco's puppy) and Cody (Skys
Kathryn from Tennessee wrote;
i'm in love!!!! He's perfect!!!!  It was puppy love at first sight!!!
Katie and Connor from Alaska wrote:
He's perfect !!  Such a sweetie.  He is a snuggler! And my husband just got home and they immediately bonded!
This is Grizz. I just got my senior pictures done
and had to have him in them. Everyone that
sees him comments on his eye. By far one one
the best dogs we've had!
Grizz all
Emily from Utah Wrote:
Hope all is well! Just wanted to
update you on Sam! We realized
from his vaccination record that he
turns 1 today :) we have loved
having him in our family and he is
such a good dog. He keeps us
laughing and our daughter Julie
loves to play with him. I'll attach a
few photos of him!
Hi Ginny,
It is Christine Jordan.  I was just writing to let you know that Chevy and I are best friends!! I take her every where with me and she is even
starting to work cows.  The whole family loves her!! I will try to send pictures of her to you so you can see how she is growing up!  I just
want to thank you for allowing me to purchase her from you.  She is everything I wanted and more.  Everyone loves her and says how well
behaved she is and how beautiful she is.  I hope this finds you in great health and having a great summer.  Hope you stay cool!!
Christine Jordan